TeeCanva: The Eco-Friendly and Secure Platform for African Fashion

Abiuth Maronga
3 min readJan 17, 2022


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The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, and its operations have hugely negative effects on both the environment and society. The fashion industry as a whole is feeling more and more pressure to become more eco-friendly and sustainable, and African fashion is no exception. TeeCanva, an eCommerce website for t-shirts that was established in 2020, is paving the way by providing a platform for African fashion that is both secure and kind to the environment.

Environmentally Sound Methods

TeeCanva is committed to making sure that its business has as little of an effect on the environment as possible. It does this by using environmentally friendly business practices throughout its supply chain. The t-shirts sold by the company are made from organic cotton, which is distinguished by the absence of potentially hazardous pesticides and other chemicals in its cultivation. Organic cotton production uses less water and energy and is better for the health and well-being of the farmers and people who work on it.

TeeCanva also collaborates with third-party vendors who share the same dedication to environmental responsibility. The company's shipping partners have to follow strict rules about the environment, and the company's packaging is made from recycled materials. The company also reminds its customers to recycle and reuse the packaging it gives them.

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We Safe Platform

In addition to its methods that are kind to the environment, TeeCanva is dedicated to protecting its customers’ personal information and preserving their privacy. The company uses the latest encryption and security technology to keep the website and its customers’ information safe. TeeCanva also makes sure that all financial transactions are safe by working with trusted payment partners.

TeeCanva’s website is also easy to use and easy to find, with features like a design that works well on mobile devices and a quick payment process. Customers can quickly look at the t-shirts that are for sale, buy them, and even make their own designs using the tools that TeeCanva gives them.

Providing Assistance to African Fashion

TeeCanva wants to protect the environment and make sure its customers are safe, but it also wants to encourage creative expression and African fashion. The brand works with African designers and artists to make authentic, one-of-a-kind t-shirt designs that show off African culture and identity. TeeCanva is also dedicated to promoting honest and ethical business practices all along its supply chain. The company works with distributors who treat their employees with respect by giving them safe places to work and paying them a fair wage.


By providing a platform that is both eco-friendly and secure for African apparel, TeeCanva is revolutionizing the fashion business in Africa and setting a new standard in the process. The organization’s commitment to protecting the environment, making sure its workers are safe, and promoting African fashion is both inspiring and admirable. TeeCanva is setting an example by showing that fashion can be good for the environment without losing its sense of style. This is important because the fashion industry is under more and more pressure to become more sustainable and socially responsible.

The Eco-friendly Wins

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